Monday, 23 February 2009

Celebrities and their Balenciaga handbags

It is no secret that Balenciaga handbags are loved by celebrities across the globe. From the Hollywood pack of Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad, Lindsay Lohan et al to the likes of Sienna Miller in Britain, Balenciaga handbags are to be found on the arms of most.

The Balenciaga Motorcycle handbag is probably one of the most commonly worn by celebrities, and while Balenciaga handbags come in many other styles, the motorcycle handbag is the one most associated with celebrities.

Nicole Richie is more often that not photographed with one of her Balenciaga handbags on her arm, and even more so since she had her daughter. Her black motorcycle handbag goes everywhere with her, most likely due to its versatility and space to hold baby accessories while still remaining stylish. Christina Aguilera is another celebrity who can’t seem to part herself from her wardrobe of Balenciaga handbags. And having also just had a baby, it seems that Balenciaga handbags are a popular choice for new mums. After all, Balenciaga handbags are known for being not only a gorgeous fashion statement but also being very practical and versatile.

Another pair of fans of Balenciaga Motorcycle bags are Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. They obviously have between them a wide range of Balenciaga Handbags in different colours, as the twins are often spotted with a variety of different sized and coloured motorcycle bags. The oversized “weekender” bag for example is the perfect one of the Balenciaga Handbags to fit in with Mary-Kate’s signature “hobo” look. Ashley on the other hand is often spotted with a small Balenciaga clutch bag.

It is not just the Balenciaga Motorcycle handbags that are hot with celebrities – the “Lariat” bag for example was given to 30 often-snapped stars when it was first launched, which helped make Balenciaga Handbags become the sought after fashion pieces that they are today.

Another emerging “it” bag in the range of Balenciaga handbags is the “Lune” bag. Spotted on the arms of Emma Bunton and Gwyneth Paltrow, it is a slightly less obvious choice compared to other Balenciaga handbags, but is a gorgeous bag and seems to be catching on in the celebrity world. Other popular Balenciaga handbags amongst celebrities are the Whistle Satchel bag, seen being used as a diaper bag by Katie Holmes.

While we may not all be able to afford a wardrobe full of Balenciaga handbags, at least there is a never ending supply of celebrities who love their Balenciaga handbags and will always be photographed for the rest of the world to drool at!